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It is the authority which makes law, to find it is arduous. A good lawyer is one who knows where to find it.



Artificial Intelligence In The Field Of Law

“It’s like the beginning of the beginning of the beginning,” said Noory Bechor, CEO of LawGeex, a leading AI-powered platform for legal contract review. While he addressed Artificial Intelligence as the beginning of the beginning, it might be the beginning of a new way of practicing things but not an end to the work of the prof



Easiest And Fastest Sources For Accessing Supreme Court Judgments

Ignorantia juris non excusat is latin for the often-quoted legal m...



Can Artificial Intelligence Augment Lawyers Capabilities Or Altogether Replace Them

We, humans, have advanced ourselves a lot in the field of technology. Since the advent of the int...



7 Ways To Enhance Your Legal Research Skills

Law is the representation of society, and legal research is the pillar on which the entire legal ...