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Intuitive search engine to save time

Utilize the intuitive design of LQ’s Search bar, to get all the Search options in one place, at the click of a button.

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Research efficiency which comes with 1-click

Our 1-click judgment insight system- iDRAF has helped thousands of lawyers save precious time by gaining useful insights quickly.

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Results which are relevant to your keyword search

At Legitquest research we are constantly refining our search algorithm by use of latest in AI and Machine learning to provide most relevant search results.

Most comprehensive, accurate and current database.

Supreme Court

All Supreme Court judgments from 1950 onwards till yesterday.

High Courts

All the High courts of India covered by our database. Judgments updated everyday.


All tribunals of India covered on a regular basis. Weekly update of tribunal database with new judgments.


All central and state Bare acts available on our platform.

Secondary Material

Treaties, Bills, Reports of Commissions and Committees, Constituent Assembly Debates, Law Commission Reports are available in a unique way of finding within the secondary material at one search.


Through the Legiteye offering, latest articles and opinions related to legal research are available for secondary source research.


Not all legal search engines are created equal - Information retrieval made easy


A picture is intelligence made visible


Deliver beyond expectations

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Deliver beyond expectations
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Over 200,000 monthly users use Legitquest for their research needs.

"Legitquest seems to be a one of its kind Legal Research engine with features like iDRAF and iGraphics. It helped me find out relevant cases with just One Click to reach to the reasoning and decision of the case. A feature like iDRAF has helped me save a lot of time while analysing a case."

Rahul Sinha Roy Assistant Professor, LLoyd law College

"Legitquest is sure to transform and revolutionise the way Judges, Attorneys, law students, professors, researchers and scholars do legal research."

Pratyush Kumar Research Associate - NLU, Delhi

"I am very impressed by your search engine, as it is unique in the sense that it greatly reduces the time taken in legal research by straightaway leading to the main findings/ observations of a judgment, including issues raised therein etc. I hope that you include all state electricity regulatory commissions as well, since presently no search engine is maintaining a database of its case laws, and regulations."

Hemant Singh Founder & Managing Partner, Charter Law Chambers, Attorneys at Law

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