Supreme Court Of India

Chandra Singh V. Ratlam Alcohol and Carbon Dioxide Plant

Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (Civil) No.14951/2000. 05-10-2001


Delay condoned.

Leave granted.

This appeal is directed against an order made by the High Court in LPA No. 305 of 1998 by which the appeal filed against the order made in Writ Petition No.

1062 of 1999 stood dismissed by a cryptic order. It is not clear as to what impelled the Division Bench to dismiss the appeal. When several questions had been raised in the appeal, the same should have been considered and an appropriate order made even if briefly, recording reasons. In that view of the matter we set aside the order made by the Division Bench and remit the Letters Patent Appeal to the Division Bench of the High Court for fresh consideration in accordance with law.

The appeal is allowed accordingly.

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